Holiday Inn Express Prototype

Intercontinental Hotels Group appointed ICA to wholly rethink and redesign the guestroom and guest bathroom of their Holiday Inn Express for a global brand launch. Our appointment also included the design and production of IHG’s Design Development Guide for the brand, to ensure the ethos of the brand is captured and easily translated to potential developers.

Tackling a brand as established as Holiday Inn Express was a complex, challenging and galvanising assignment for our team and we approached it with 3 basic principles in mind: style, space and simplicity.

Style: The Holiday Inn Express brand logo was the basis of our concept; from this we incorporated the straight edges and iconic blue into the interior. These elements teamed with warm timber shades and feminine colour tones found in both the bedhead wallcovering and feature coloured wall provided a fresh, contemporary and inviting bedroom for guests to enjoy. The striking contrast of black and white tile found in the guest bathroom provides the perfect back drop for the generous shower enclosure and contemporary fixtures and fittings. Accent lighting and the signature blue night light adds warmth.

Space: To maximise the length and width of the bedroom. Our intention was to keep the floor as clear as possible. Designing the furniture with this in mind, we deconstructed the headboard, desk and hanging space into simple elements which can be easily fixed to the walls. The contemporary stripe of the carpet widens the space. The monochrome bathroom design and mirror creates a sense of space within a tight footprint.

Simplicity: Our main objective was to fulfil both the needs of the guest and the hotel owners alike; as a result the design has evolved with the principles of high quality design and ease of manufacture at the forefront. A new and fresh approach has been created using a simple kit of parts to deliver an on brand modern hotel experience which is complimented by the streamlined functionality of the guest bathroom.

The Design Development Guide was approached in a similar manner. A strong team of both architects and interior designers worked closely to ensure an efficient footprint housed all of the features expected from a Holiday Inn Express. The guide also outlines the key elements designed by Ica that make up a new model Holiday Inn Express.

Our knowledge and understanding of the brand has led us to be appointed as Architects and Interior Designers on numerous Holiday Inn Express projects. Since completion, we have successfully taken this prototype design to site throughout the UK. We have also completed a project in Brussels and were recently appointed Interior Designers on the first Holiday Inn Express in Russia: Holiday Inn Express, Voronezh.

The scheme has been extremely well received since its launch and the Prototype design was awarded a European Hotel Design Award in 2010.