Curio Olympic Park


A dual hotel landmark development within London’s Olympic Park.

The “Gantry” development comprises an 18 storey Curio by Hilton hotel with 285 guest rooms, extensive neighbourhood bar and restaurant spaces and sky bar with views out across the Olympic Park and beyond to London’s dramatic skyline, as well as a 17 storey Adagio Aparthotel.

The hotels are located adjacent to Stratford International rail station within East Village, which is predominantly residential in nature with well-mannered architecture set in a gridded masterplan and with a refined palette of materials. The architectural language of the scheme aims to contrast with this restraint, creating a counterpoint with a curvilinear form.

Ideas taken from Stratford’s market town past and the area’s industrial heritage have been explored to create a hotel where the heritage of its setting is reflected within every element of design, materiality and function.

A curved two storey podium, formed by an interplay with the geometry of the hotel tower above, achieve a singular building aesthetic, which manifests in a skin of copper coloured fins, allowing the hotel’s appearance to change and morph throughout the day and into the night as light and shadow shift and vary. The fins themselves are reminiscent of the heavy engineering from Stratford’s industrial railway era.

This industrial aesthetic has been softened by the organic form of the building. Relaxed curves provide for landscaped pockets and green edges, which have echoes of Stratford’s market town past – a time when Stratford grew the food that fed the whole of London. The column of green combines with a series of terrace spaces to embed the landscape design fully within the architectural concept, rising up through the building towards the beacon that is the skybar.